How To Be More Present.

You think too much.

I do too.

But you just cannot seem to understand how to stop thinking. Same. But there are three things that will help you reduce the number of thoughts that linger around and let you focus on the one thing we can never get back to the present moment.

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There is a super quick and easy trick to pick yourself up and get that happy energy circulating in your body again. Here it is.


Meditating does not mean being silent.

You can meditate whilst listening to music you like. Or whilst waving your arms in the air (if that's your vibe). But sitting down and shifting your focus to your breath will do your mind wonders.

You can even enhance the experience by repeatedly saying, β€˜I am not thinking of anything.’

Extreme Sports.

When you are rock climbing on a wall looking down at your death, you are not thinking about whether that person texted you back or how you sucked in that presentation. Doing activities that take you out of your head will help you become more present.

It does not mean you have to rock climb or sky dive. Going to a beautiful land-mark with your friends and just enjoying the scenery will deliver that presence.

Essentially, if you are just watching TV or just playing video games, you are far more likely to be in your head than if you go out exploring different places and trying different activities.


If you look up advanced yoga routines, you would be surprised at how hard some of them are. The key to yoga is to be slow in your movements and breathe deeply.

Don’t do yoga in a rush, instead, take your time and feel the stretch in whatever body part you are activated. Not only is that better for your body physically but it also just helps your mind relax, which also heightens the present moment.

Having a morning routine comprising some yoga and meditation will set you up to be more present throughout the day. Then when you want that extra kick, do some extreme sports.


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