Blake Mycoskie Start Something Book Review

Another great read was from Blake Mycoskie. He started a for-profit organisation which is now worth over $500 million!

His story reminded me of similar entrepreneurs.

Set out what you want to achieve, work hard to achieve it. Blake and his team did not start off with a lot.

They simply had a vision and worked non-stop from Blakes apartment in order to keep growing and growing their company. How TOMS (Blakes shoe company) worked was for every pair of shoes they sold to a consumer, they gave a free pair to a kid in poverty with no shoes. The two things I drew from his book were: schedule everything and give away autonomy.

So Blake explained that by scheduling everything, it allows you to be totally present (something he preaches throughout the book) and removes the need to check if he needs to talk to someone else. The presence he is able to have allows him to get the most out of the conversation.

For example, if he is meeting with someone to discuss an idea, his presence and focus will give him the best chance of openly thinking about the best possible outcomes from proposed ideas etc.

Secondly, give away autonomy. Blake explained how when your company grows, and you begin working with people all over the globe as well as freelancers and consultants.

You will need to give away autonomy. But the best way to do is this by trusting the people you give that power too. As a result of this, they will then trust you. Blake says, "The more trust you bestow, the more others trust you".

He explains that when you avoid micromanaging, you are able to focus on larger issues. By giving employees more power, you also need to allow them to grow into their roles. Let them learn along the way. This will also build a stronger task force.

Overall, I did enjoy this book.

I think it is an interesting read to see TOMS rise and Blake does share some good information.

I will be honest and say it was not the GREATEST read in terms of the writing style, but a good book nonetheless.


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