The Downfall Of Comedy Movies.

Ever go back and watch a comedy film from the 90's?

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When you cast your mind back to those films, how do they compare to comedy films today?


We are at a time now where every button that is pressed triggers someone. It has resulted in a loss of that experience we witness when an extreme joke is said in a movie. We think:

Did they really just say that?

Not anymore. Nowadays there is rarely anything said that is too out there because of the intense scrutiny people would prefer to avoid.

What this means.

It certainly does not mean we should get away with saying things that cross the line. But it seems that the line has been re-drawn so many times over the last decade and this has led to a fear of going near it.

In today’s world, enough is enough. If you pluck the wrong string then you face huge repercussions from the online world. Is this where we want to head towards? Or do we want to get back in touch with the sheer fact that we are all human beings and sometimes, it’s good to sit back and have a laugh.

Where we're heading.

It seems as though we are becoming more fragile by the day. A big proponent of this is the introduction of social media and the narrative shown on mainstream media outlets.

It goes without saying that we are in treacherous times at the moment. But hopefully one day we can go back to who we are and always have been, human beings. And human beings can sit back and enjoy life. But with all the pressures we pile onto ourselves in today’s world, it’s not as easy as it once was.

It started off as an article about comedy films but it has trickled into the bigger picture we see today. What is a comedy film you remember that made you laugh your head off?


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