The Future Of Content Creators.

Old or young, you probably heard about the fight between a forty-four year old retired boxer and a twenty-six year old YouTuber. A smaller majority, but a majority nonetheless, paid $50 in order to watch this fight live. Consequently, both fighters took home millions of dollars for 1440 seconds of action.

This is where we find ourselves as a society. Let’s discuss how this all came to fruition and where the future of content creators are heading.

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The power of social media.

It is no surprise that everything we have seen this past decade has come from regular individuals making a decision to share themselves with the world.

It is not a difficult task but many of us struggle to pass the first barrier as we fear the judgement of others. But those who brave the courage to begin expressing themselves to others, expectedly gain traction from those who relate to the content being produced.

So these ‘content creators’ start to earn money from partnering with brands and having advertisements on their videos which often leads to an increase in video production. The reinvestment into their personal brand allows for greater content quality and quantity thus reaching more viewers and generating more fans.

Should creators be paid so well?

In short, yes.

If a person is able to get eyeballs on their content, it is completely justified that they should be rewarded for this.

We often overlook the intelligence that these creators possess in order to get repeat views and create fans that are engaged in their lives and well-being. Before the age of social media, anyone who was able to generate eyeballs on their content would be classed as a genius marketeer.

Yet in today’s world, we like to say these people ‘got lucky’. If you watch their content from the beginning and listen to them speak in interviews, more often than not, these creators just believed they would succeed and kept showing up.

The path to success as a creator differs for every individual.

Some post three videos and go viral. Whereas others may post for years and after the two hundredth video, things pick up speed and they make it to the top. This example applies to a wider context in succeeding at life. We don’t know when we will ‘explode’ but if we just focus on putting one foot in-front of the other, success becomes a matter ‘when’ instead of ‘if’.

Another thing worth acknowledging is often times, creators are extremely popular in an individual niche which means the value for a brand to get this specific creator to talk about their business is of immense value.

For example, a well-known creator who solely talks about crypto currency and partners with a company in the space. There would be a large proportion of viewers who trust the creators advice and progress forward with the sponsor that is being recommended.

The future of content creators?

As described above, many creators partner with existing brands and earn money through that avenue. However, the future will likely see more creators starting their own brands.

We have already seen this with Emma Chamberlain who is an avid caffeine consumer and now has her own brand of coffee. It is clear that this direction will be more popular as creators are beginning to realise that for a lot of products, they can just make it themselves are reap more of the reward than a brand deal.

This has been the case with selling merchandise and smaller items of this nature, however we will probably see bigger companies blossom from creators themselves sooner or later.

Is it too late to become a content creator?

Listen, it is important to note that there are many aspiring creators who try however, because they are not able to execute their success as soon as they would like, they give up.

In the next ten years, there will be many more creators who come onto the scene and amass huge followings among them.

There is no reason one of these people cannot be you. The reality is that it is a long road to get there and for most people, they are not willing to grin and bare the journey. Remember, persistence is key.

With so many different competitors in all areas of the business world, the most valuable thing you can do today is get people to invest in you.

Into your personal brand. The way that will happen is by creating content that expresses who you are authentically and the right people will follow.

Will the next big content creator be you?


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