David Goggins Can't Hurt Me Book Review

Note: I did 10 push ups before writing this to get into the Goggins frame of mind.

Ok. Let's continue:

So I first came across David Goggins around 2 years ago.

Watching a podcast he appeared on and was just blown away. I saw a guy that had been through a ton and he came out the other side, indestructible. You just saw his energy and persona of a true champion.

I finished the podcast feeling great and carried on with my day to day life. Fast forward to lockdown 2020, I begin reading a lot of books whilst simultaneously becoming a more and more disciplined individual.

Around New Years Day of 2021, a recommended YouTube video came up and it was the David Goggins interview he did on New Years Day a couple years back.

Watching it again impacted me in a different way. I wanted to know his entire story, every single detail.

So, I purchased his book, Can’t Hurt Me. It was strange at first because I felt as though I knew David. I had heard him speak about his story but a two hour podcast only covers a tiny percentage of a 300+ page book.

So as David took me back to his early childhood, I was in shock.

He endured so much abuse and was treated like no child should be treated. From what he went through, it scarred him. These demons did not leave his mind. They followed him throughout his years.

David looked in the mirror one day and saw a fat, sad person who was not accountable and did not take action. He decided to make a radical transformation. He lost 106 pounds in 3 months in order to become a Navy Seal. 106 pounds in 3 months!

Everyone thought it was impossible. As everyone always does. It is these aspects of the book that had such a profound impact on me because it made me realize, you cannot expect others to understand the crazy goals you set yourself.

Because they are not you. Only you know your true capabilities. To most, Goggins routine for loosing that 106 pounds would scare them away but Goggins faced it head first and reached the other side.

This was a major turning point Goggins and he never stopped. He became a machine. A point he makes in the book really resonated with me. Goggins wrote action steps you can take after each chapter and after one of the first chapters.

Goggins was saying that, maybe you have some demons you need to face, or maybe you have just never been pushed before and want to know what that indescribable feeling of achievement is like.

For me, I am privileged. I never had to work a job, I never had a struggle for food. I have always been comfortable.

I think a large part as to why I am so drawn towards pushing myself to my limits everyday is because nobody has ever encouraged me to do so. I will never know how tough it must have been for David to endure what he did starting at such a young age.

But I sincerely appreciate the chance he has given to those like me, who wanted an insight in what it takes to live an extraordinary life and this book has helped me in getting one step closer to making that happen.

Goggins as he is most commonly referred to now, has run countless ultra-marathons and achieved a huge number of athletic feats. He speaks around the globe and his book, which was self-published, has become an international best seller!

That is a remarkable achievement in and of itself with the boost that publishers have in making that happen. Goggins, thank you for sharing you amazing story and keep inspiring others, just like you have inspired me.


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