Life’s Not Short. You Just Gotta Do More.

You ever feel better by letting yourself off the hook? Taking your foot off the gas and letting things be because… life’s short?

Errrrrrrr — — Incorrect.

Life is not short. You just gotta do more.

The excuse.
Listen, this is not an article to kick you up the backside for not hustling twenty-six hours a day. Far from it. See this as a gentle reminder that the longer you put things off, the more excuses you are going to come up with for living a life you are not proud of.

Sure, take your foot off the gas when you feel the engine’s running a little too hot. But don’t kid yourself that you have been driving for hours when you have hardly got the car into second gear.

What to do?

That’s for you to decide. Do what your vibe instructs you to do. Don’t be upset if the vibe changes. Flow with the vibe. But do stuff. A lot of stuff. Try new things. Explore new possibilities. Otherwise you will just delay everything for a future life that you may not be able to experience (who knows if afterlife is real sh*t).

Short, to the point. Live. Live. Please, live. Live your life. Enjoy yourself and do stuff. Whatever stuff it is, do it.


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