How To Be Achieve Your Goals and Dreams.

Nowadays, all you see online are those who have already made it. They are happy to show you their big earnings for the month, their latest cars and the new penthouse apartment they just bought. Seeing all of this makes you think you could never achieve such heights.

But when you become aware of the misunderstanding you have of what it takes to get there, you have a choice to either: go out and make it happen or read more encouraging articles like this while you cry yourself to sleep.

It Takes Hard Work.

What happens is, you are so unconscious when you are scrolling on your phone and seeing all of these lavish lifestyles that you assume those who are in the thick of it, simply received it on a silver platter.

The vast majority of these people were just like you and I. In fact,those who were handed it on a silver platter don’t tend to express their lifestyle so explicitly with us. It is the ones who grew up without the riches who want to show you that it can be achieved!

But this success comes from taking hard work! When you see someone with hundreds of thousands of followers, they check their analytics to see what posts, captions and hashtags get the most reach and traction. They create products that beat competition.

They test different advertisements and go for ones with the high conversion rate! These are a few things that go into successfully growing a personal brand. It is hard work.

Consistency Is King.

Some of you are reading this thinking you're different. Because you tried all of this and it just didn't work out for you. News flash… it didn't work out for you because you didn't try hard enough.

If you did then it would have worked. Success is not a linear path. It has many ups and downs that vary for each individual. You might go through a number of ‘downs’ but if you quit then you will miss that one ‘up’ that could have propelled you straight to the top.

So make a decision before you embark on the journey to the top, whether you are in it till the end or just for quick success. Because the latter never wins.

Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail.

To think you are some exception and can wing it to get to the top is delusional. How many Justin Bieber success stories do you hear everyday? It comes around once every blue moon.

So you need to make an actual plan that has targets, goals and strategies otherwise you are just wasting your time. Stop thinking you are different.

Literally Anybody Can Do It.

It does not take a genius to reach the top. With the help of social media and the endless paths you can take to take to get there, anybody can do it. But the reason so few of us do is because we quit when it gets tough. We stop checking the analytics for feedback.

We scrap the plan and post whenever we feel like it. Then once we stop growing, we feel it is the perfect excuse to hang up our boots and say that we gave it a good go.

You can kid yourself all your life. When your lying on your deathbed looking back, the only person you will be comparing yourself to is you. So either you go out onto the field and give it all you got, or you can take your lies with you all the way to the grave.


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