Elon Musk - Ashlee Vance Book Review

Whilst I know I am not a tech person. I knew there is a lot to learn from Elon Musk. From PayPal, to Space X, to Tesla. Elon Musk is a prime example of someone who has worked tirelessly to achieve whatever it is he wanted to achieve.

I want to discuss some things that really stood out to me when I read his book.

Firstly, Musk has big dreams.

Forget big.

Musk has enormous dreams.

If I said to you, I want to relocate humanity to Mars, you would think I am crazy.

Well. Musk is a man on a mission. I genuinely believe he can do it. Why? Because all his previous endeavors, he has done with 100% intensity and focus.

And from that, made them happen. I love how we tend to hear ‘dream big’ and most of us do and should do. But it does make me laugh when I see how big Musk’s dreams.

And I think this is something I can say has impacted me. Not in the sense that I now want to go to Mars, but it has made me look even further into what I am capable of. If I apply myself day in day out, I know I can achieve great things.

So with regards to Musks ultimate motivations, he believes strongly about reducing fossil fuel usage.

His company Tesla have just blown away the car industry. To make an electric car is one thing but the allure Tesla have been able to create it phenomenal.

I can say myself, when I have enough money...

I want a Tesla.

Is it the brand?


Is it also the fact that it is an electric car?


But the brand itself and how they market themselves makes me want to forget about any other electric cars and just focus on them. This is where it has made it crystal clear to me: brand is everything. And with social media and everything nowadays, our personal brand is just as important as the brand we create through businesses.

This is where it has carried over into how I present myself online and the way in which I treat other online users, with curtesy and respect.

So here is something controversial to unwrap.

Musk is so tunnel visioned on his mission of changing the history of the world that he simply does not view any other priorities. It is believed that he once shouted at an employee in the past who went to see their wife give birth instead of attending a company event.

This is controversial.

I can definitely understand where Musk is coming from. He is a man on a true mission. When you have this drive and deep desire to go out and do what he is doing then of course, you are going to be hard on yourself and others and demand this level of commitment.

But others view these moments such as the birth of their child as a special moment. A moment they regard to be as not if not more important than the overall mission. So I wanted to pick this bit apart and discuss it because I personally don’t think either side is ‘right’.

It is solely dependent on the individual and their passion and commitment to their mission.
Last thing I want to discuss in Musk’s work ethic.

The guy is a machine. An actual machine. Here is his weekly schedule:

This is wild.

It is interesting too because I came across a beautiful quote I really like from a book I read last term: The Third Door.

The quote is this:

“Success is a result of prioritizing your desires”.

Why I like it so much is there are SO many things I want to do personally but prioritizing my true desires RIGHT NOW is what will allow me to achieve the success.

Then later on, I can address other desires. However, trying to do all these things at once will just leave me stuck but persistent effort on a single task will lead to success.

So what I like is that Musk clearly has two goals. He spends his energy on those two goals.

This is a perfect link to prioritizing your desires.

I like as well how his focus is on two goals.

Not four or five.

Now it may appear that Elon is crazy and doesn’t care about anything aside from his businesses. But it is noted that he would always try to get home to have family dinner. To me, I saw this and thought. I see. I understand Elon. He is just an incredibly driven person but still values the important things. Family. So I did smile when I saw this and I can appreciate his work and personal desires.

So all in all, I think Musk is simply a man on a mission. He has huge dreams and will not let anybody tell him it is not possible.

I laughed when I read that it is like we are simply all living in Elon’s world, whether we like it or not. I also found this paradox a tad frightening.

That being said, it goes to show what is possible when you prioritize your desires and go after what you really want.


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