How To Immediately Feel Happier.

Do you have times where you feel low? Perhaps after spending a while not seeing anybody? Or a long work period? And what is the typical go to? Comfort food? Alcohol? Ordering stuff?

Sure these might relieve the symptoms, but sooner or later the problem returns, doesn't it?

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There is a super quick and easy trick to pick yourself up and get that happy energy circulating in your body again. Here it is.


Ever heard someone say:

Motion creates emotion

Stop reading this for a second, stand up and assume the superman pose with both hands on your hips starting into the corner. Feels great, right? Well that is just one thing you can do.

To take it a step further, you can just stand up, shake your body and start dancing. You can do it alone, nobody can judge you. Just let loose and dance.

You will quite literally change your mental state. It is crazy how simple this is to do and the effect it has on us mentally.

So when we feel low, move! Arguably the less familiar the movement, the happier it can lift us towards. The worst thing you can do is stand still. Keep things flowing and when they stop? Pick them up again. Take it easy and dance. Do not let anybody judge you for it because if it makes you happy, stick with it.


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