Why Is It Fun To Watch People Fight?

Listen, chances are you have seen someone get knocked out before. Whether that’s in person or online, it’s become quite the popular thing to watch.

But why?

Why do we all flock to see someone get beaten up and hope there is a knock out? Isn’t that strange? Wanting to see one of our fellow species hurt? Does a lion want to see a fellow lion get his ass kicked? (Wrong choice of animal, I know).

The reality.

We like action. We like adrenaline rushes. What bigger adrenaline rush than seeing someone get knocked out. It’s a bizarre sensation. We never stop to imagine what it must be like for the person who’s been knocked out. Sometimes they don’t even realise it’s happened. Bam. It’s over before they even know it.

There’s no denying that this desire to see someone potentially get knocked out is a huge attraction to the masses. Many flock to catch it live in the flesh while millions of others watch it when it’s released online.

After all, we are just animals, doing animal things…

Short and sweet article today. Had a lengthy conversation with an old friend today about the fighting scene so I wanted to write a short piece and share it with you today.


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