Free Car Giveaways.

“Here’s the keys to your brand new car”

The recipient starts shaking and crying uncontrollably. But how must it feel for the YouTuber who gets to give away these cars for a living?

Wouldn’t you agree: these stars have life figured out?

The formula.
Listen, these guys did not always have the ability to give away cars. The commonality amongst them all is they began building a following.

Getting people to buy into them and wanting to watch each of their videos as they are released. The investment into each of these YouTube stars naturally brings along sponsors with them who want to be featured on their channels.

Their increased channel growth corresponds with an increase in sponsorship revenue. As this goes on, it starts to give a select few stars operating at a top tier level to do some life-changing giveaways.

The results.
As the giveaways increase, the following increases. It becomes this beautiful, synergistic journey of winning for all parties. The feeling these stars must receive when seeing the joy of the recipients faces must be something of a dream.

It is inspiring to see this lifestyle become more prevalent amongst popular YouTube stars. It is clear that they are by no means obligated to give away expensive items and for some stars, they even do so out of their own pockets too which heightens the admiration amongst their fan base.

The lesson? Build a fanbase and give back to the fans. They deserve it.

Been inspired seeing all of these YouTuber’s changing people’s lives, I wanted to write a piece on it. You give, you get. So heartwarming to see kindness. If you dig my writing, be sure to slap the follow button.


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