Why You Shouldn’t Break An Existing Habit.

Listen, we all get into that flow. When things move seamlessly from one to another, like water in a clear blue ocean.

And then……… we take a day off.

Bam. Smack in the face. Uppercut. Bleeding from the cheek. Where is the milk? Suddenly, that day off has domino’d into multiple days off and sooner or later, the seamless flow has transformed into rough sand paper.

Don’t lose momentum

Don’t you damn lose it. If you have cultivated the ocean flow, don’t let it turn into sand paper. Maybe one day you take your foot off the gas, but don’t switch off the engine. Because once we switch off the car, going to fill it up with petrol becomes a pain in the ass.

Sure, some days are bound to be busier than others. And these busy days could mean we have to turn off the car. But switch it back on as soon as you can. That way it’ll be less painful.

How many times have you seen yourself lose that drive (pun intended) when the car gets switched off?


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