Should You Stay Home Or Travel?

It has been the same for all of us. Stay at home has been the message for the last twelve months. The instruction has varied in lengths depending on our locations, however travelling has been put on halt for the vast majority of us.

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Staying in the same location for so long is interesting yet extremely mundane. Interesting in the sense that time moves a lot slower and you begin to notice the smaller details that make life beautiful. Mundane in the sense that over time, things become too repetitive.

Contrastingly, when you are on the road, everyday is a new adventure. Time flies by as you are constantly travelling to new locations. In many ways, this will also allow you to pay attention to the smaller details.

So, why not have both?

Road trip.

Sure. You can travel with a backpack from town to town, city to city through public transportation. Or. You can invest in a portable motorhome. You can travel where you wish to travel and also have that place to call home for a cup of morning hot coffee.

There are things to consider. Both angles will vary financially. It also depends if you have a desire to go out of your country. You could bring the portable motorhome with you but may run into issues if you are renting it.

Travelling around your country, in a portable motorhome, experiencing the beautiful earth we are surrounded by will be such a freeing feeling to the mind. Having been tied down for such a long period of time, being able to experiences many different locations is something I cannot wait to go and do.

Life is beautiful. The world we live in is beautiful. If you are not able to pack up and travel, just looking at our surroundings when in a local park can be so gratifying to our minds.


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