Is Anything Not Made in China?

The rise of China as a premier manufacturing power has been staggering. In 2009, the country produced just over $2 trillion in goods--more than the combined output of the United States and Europe. But this economic might is not without its price: Quality control in Chinese factories can be sloppy, and there have been numerous reports of shoddy products that have caused serious injuries or even deaths. Is anything not made in China?

Is Anything Not Made in China? #

In the world today, it seems that everything is made in China. Wal-Mart stores are filled with Chinese-made products, from clothing to toys to appliances. Even high-end brands, such as Apple, have products that are manufactured in China. So the question arises, is anything not made in China?

Well, actually there are a few things that are not made in China. For example, some pharmaceuticals and medical devices are still produced in the United States. And although many automotive parts are now made in China, some advanced components still come from countries such as Japan and Germany.

But for the most part, just about everything we use or consume on a daily basis is likely made in China. This has led to concerns about quality and safety, as well as job losses in other countries.

In conclusion, it would seem that just about everything is made in China. While this may be good for the Chinese economy, it raises some concerns for consumers. It is important to be aware of the origins of the products we buy and to research companies before buying from them. With a little caution, we can all avoid supporting unethical labor practices.


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