Is Arlo Made in China?

Arlo is a popular camera for personal use made by Chinese company, Hangzhou Aolong Technology. Many consumers are not aware that Arlo is manufactured in China. Some have asked whether this affects the product's quality. There is no definitive answer, but it is worth noting that the vast majority of Hangzhou Aolong Technology's products are made in China.

Is Arlo Made in China? #

Arlo is a popular home security camera system. The cameras are made in China and some people are concerned about the quality of products made in that country. Some people have even started a petition to get Arlo to move manufacturing back to the United States. Arlo has issued a statement in response to the petition, saying that they are committed to quality and that their cameras are made in an ISO-certified factory. They also said that they are working on increasing transparency so that customers can see where their products are made.

In conclusion, Arlo products are made in China. While this may be disappointing to some customers, it is important to remember that Arlo is a top-quality product with features that surpass those of similar products. Additionally, the company offers a generous warranty and excellent customer service. Thanks for reading!


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