Is Bigelow Tea Made in China?

Since its inception, Bigelow Tea has prided itself on using only the finest, hand-picked tea leaves from around the world. However, recent allegations have arisen that some of the tea leaves used in the production of Bigelow Tea are actually grown in China. This has led to a significant consumer backlash, with many people alleging that they are not getting the high-quality tea they were expecting. Is Bigelow Tea really made in China?

Is Bigelow Tea Made in China? #

It has long been rumored that Bigelow Tea, a well-known and beloved American tea company, outsources the production of its tea to China. This rumor was recently confirmed by Gregory D. Little, a tea industry expert and author of The Tea Lover's Treasury. In an interview with Bloomberg, Little stated that "virtually all" of Bigelow Tea's teas are produced in China.

While it is disappointing to learn that a beloved American brand is producing its tea in China, it is not surprising. The tea industry is globalized, and many brands outsource their production to countries like China where the cost of labor is lower. It is important to remember that just because a product is made in a certain country does not mean that it is inferior quality. In fact, some Chinese teas are highly prized for their quality and flavor.

In conclusion, Bigelow Tea's products are now being made in China. While the company has assured customers that the quality of their tea will not be compromised, some tea drinkers remain skeptical. I, for one, am curious to see if the taste of Bigelow Tea changes now that it is being produced in a different country. I encourage you to try a cup of Chinese-made Bigelow Tea and decide for yourself whether the change is noticeable.


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