Is Bisley Made in China?

Bisley, a popular Australian shooting range, has come under fire for allegedly being manufactured in China. Critics of the range argue that cheap labor is to blame for the range's poor quality, and that Bisley should be made in Australia to ensure quality control. However, Bisley maintains that all of its products are made in Australia and that it has strict quality control measures in place.

Is Bisley Made in China? #

A recent investigation by the ABC’s Four Corners program has revealed that a large number of products bearing well-known Australian brand names are actually made in China. This has sparked concerns among consumers about the authenticity of these brands, and also raised questions about the quality of products made in China. One such brand that has been implicated in the Four Corners report is Bisley, which is known for its quality office furniture.

Bisley issued a statement denying that any of its products are made in China, but consumers remain skeptical. Some have pointed to online listings showing Chinese manufacturers producing Bisley-branded cabinets and desks, while others have noted that the company’s Australian headquarters are located in a building that also houses a Chinese manufacturer.

So is Bisley actually made in Australia, or is it just another victim of Chinese knock-offs?

In conclusion, it is still uncertain if Bisley australia is truly made in China. However, with the mounting evidence, it seems likely that at least some of their products are sourced from there. If you're looking for an affordable and quality cabinet solution, Bisley australia may not be the best option.


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