Is Brandy Melville Made in China?

The popular Brandy Melville brand is made in China, according to a recent report. The brand’s parent company, Sazerac, announced that it is moving its distilling operations from Kentucky to a new plant in the eastern Chinese city of Wuhan. This plant will produce both the Melville and the Besano brands of bourbon. The move comes as bourbon sales have been on the decline in the U.S.

Is Brandy Melville Made in China? #

Brandy Melville is a popular clothing retailer for young women. The company has been around for over 20 years and has stores all over the world, but there’s one question that many customers have: is Brandy Melville made in China?

The answer is no – Brandy Melville is not made in China. However, some of the company’s products are manufactured in China. In fact, many popular clothing brands have their products made in China because labor costs are much lower there than in other countries.

But does that mean you should avoid buying clothes from brands like Brandy Melville? Not necessarily. Just be sure to do your research and read the labels to make sure you’re getting what you expect.

In conclusion, Brandy Melville clothing is not made in China. The company's headquarters are in California, and all of their products are produced in the United States. While some of the materials used in their garments may be imported from other countries, the finished products are all created domestically. If you're looking for American-made clothing, Brandy Melville is a great option.


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