Is Bushnell Made in China?

Bushnell brand hunting optics are popular among hunters and shooters, but some consumers may be surprised to learn that Bushnell's main manufacturing facility is not in the United States, but in China. Bushnell has been making optics in China since 2006, when it opened a plant in the country's Zhejiang province. Bushnell says that the decision to locate its plant in China was based on the opportunity to manufacture optics more cheaply there and tap into the country's large market.

Is Bushnell Made in China? #

Bushnell optics are a popular choice for hunters and shooters, but some consumers are asking if the company’s products are made in China. While Bushnell has not confirmed or denied this claim, there is evidence to suggest that at least some of their products are sourced from Chinese manufacturers.

The main reason why many people believe that Bushnell products are made in China is because of the significant price difference between the company’s optics and those of its competitors. For example, a typical Bushnell rifle scope costs around $200 while a comparable scope from Nikon or Leupold can cost twice as much.

It’s worth noting that there are some quality differences between Chinese-made optics and those from more established brands. However, with proper research it’s possible to find affordable scopes and binoculars that will meet your needs.

In conclusion, it is difficult to ascertain whether or not Bushnell products are made in China. The company has failed to provide a clear answer, and the online reviews are contradictory. However, there is evidence that some Bushnell products may be sourced from Chinese factories. If you are looking for a quality, American-made product, it might be best to avoid Bushnell.


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