Is Citracal Made in China?

Citracal is a brand of calcium supplements that are manufactured in China. This has raised eyebrows among consumers, who are concerned about the quality of ingredients and the safety of the product. Some believe that this may be a sign that the supplement industry is consolidating around China, which could have negative implications for consumers.

Is Citracal Made in China? #

There is some speculation on whether or not Citracal, a calcium supplement, is made in China. Some people have said that they've seen the ingredients list and it includes an ingredient that is only found in Chinese-made supplements. However, the company has denied these allegations and insists that their product is made in the United States. They claim that the listed ingredient is simply a plant extract that is used in many different supplements. So far, there has been no definitive proof either way as to where Citracal is actually made.

In conclusion, while it is not clear where the exact manufacturing location of Citracal is, it is likely that at least some of the ingredients are sourced from China. Considering the concerns around the quality and safety of Chinese-made products, it may be wise to consider other calcium supplements options.


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