Is Colace Made in China?

There has been a lot of debate lately over the use of Chinese made goods in the US. With tariffs being raised on Chinese goods, many people are wondering if their Colace is actually coming from China. Colace is a laxative that is often used to clean out the bowels. It is unclear where the product is made, but some have suggested that it may be in China.

Is Colace Made in China? #

There's a good chance that Colace, the over-the-counter stool softener, is made in China. The active ingredient in Colace is docusate sodium, which is a chemical compound made in laboratories. While the Colace brand is owned by Purdue Pharma, the company doesn't actually make the medication itself. It contracts out to drug manufacturers, and it's likely that at least one of those manufacturers is located in China.

That said, it's not impossible that Colace is made elsewhere. There are several other countries where docusate sodium can be produced, including India and Japan. So it's possible that your particular bottle of Colace was made in one of those countries instead of China.

In conclusion, Colace is not a Chinese product. It is made in the United States. While it is available in other countries, it is not produced in China. If you are looking for a Chinese laxative, there are other options available.


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