Is Crayola Made in China?

Crayola, the iconic crayon company known for its brightly colored products, is manufactured in China. In the early days of the company, Crayola was made in the United States. However, with the increasing demand for crayons in China and the costs associated with production there, Crayola decided to manufacture in China beginning in 2004.

Is Crayola Made in China? #

There is a lot of speculation on the internet about whether or not Crayola crayons are made in China. Some people say that they have heard from a friend of a friend that Crayola crayons are made in China, while others say that they have seen it on the internet. However, there has been no definitive answer to this question.

One reason why this question is so difficult to answer is because Crayola does not list where their crayons are made on their website. However, they do state that "Crayola crayons are manufactured in the United States." This statement seems to be true, as Crayola has been producing crayons in Easton, Pennsylvania since 1903.

In conclusion, it is unclear whether or not Crayola is made in China. However, it is important to be aware of the possibility that some of our favorite childhood products may be manufactured in other countries. If you are concerned about the origins of your child's toys and art supplies, be sure to do your research before making a purchase. Thanks for reading!


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