Is Culligan Made in China?

Culligan water filtration products are popular among people who want to avoid drinking from municipal water supplies, but some consumers may be surprised to learn that Culligan water filters are actually manufactured in China. This is despite the fact that the company markets its products as being American-made. Culligan has not yet responded to questions about the source of its manufacturing, but it is possible that Chinese labor is used in the production of its filters.

Is Culligan Made in China? #

Is Culligan Made in China?

The Culligan Group is a water treatment company with corporate headquarters located in the United States. The company has many branches all over the world, including China. Whether or not Culligan products are made in China is a question that remains unanswered. Culligan's website does not specify where its products are manufactured, and an inquiry to the company's customer service department yielded no results. However, a quick Google search reveals that at least some Culligan products are made in China. This could be problematic for consumers who are looking for an American-made alternative to foreign-made goods.

In conclusion, Culligan water filters are not made in China. Culligan International Corporation is a United States-based company with headquarters in Illinois. Although their products are not made in China, Culligan does have a number of manufacturing plants around the world, including locations in Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. If you're looking for a quality water filter that's made in the USA, Culligan is a great option.


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