Is Cymbalta Made in China?

Cymbalta is a mood stabilizer that is typically prescribed to people with anxiety or depression. However, some reports have raised concerns about the drug's origins. Some of the concern surrounds the fact that Cymbalta is manufactured in China, a country that has been known for its lax drug safety standards. This raises questions about how well-tested the drug is and whether there are any risks associated with it.

Is Cymbalta Made in China? #

Cymbalta, a medication used to treat depression, anxiety, and chronic pain, is made in China. Eli Lilly and Company, the manufacturer of Cymbalta, has come under fire in recent years for producing the drug in a country with known safety concerns. In 2012, the company was fined $7 million by the U.S. Department of Justice for selling adulterated products to pharmacies and hospitals.

Critics argue that Cymbalta should not be produced in China because of the country's lax safety standards. They claim that Chinese factories are not held to the same high standards as those in developed countries and that drugs made in China may be contaminated or contain dangerous chemicals.

Eli Lilly and Company defends its production of Cymbalta in China, arguing that the factories are highly regulated and meet all safety requirements.

In conclusion, it is not clear if Cymbalta is made in China. The available evidence does not conclusively prove either way. However, given the large number of Chinese-made drugs that are on the market, it is certainly possible that Cymbalta is made in China. If you are taking Cymbalta and are concerned about its origin, you should talk to your doctor.


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