Is Daikin Made in China?

Daikin is a Japanese manufacturer of air conditioning and heating equipment. Many people are familiar with Daikin because of their popular brands, such as A/C Condenser, Heater, and Remote Controller. However, many people are not aware that Daikin also manufactures air conditioners and heaters in China. While this may not be the most popular decision for some consumers, it does provide cheaper options for those looking for Daikin appliances.

Is Daikin Made in China? #

A lot of people are asking if Daikin is made in China. The answer to that question is yes and no. Some of the parts for their air conditioners are made in China, but the final product is assembled in Japan. So, technically, Daikin is not a Chinese company.

In conclusion, Daikin is a Japanese company that produces air conditioners and other appliances. While the company does have manufacturing plants in China, the bulk of their products are still produced in Japan.


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