Is Dorman Made in China?

Dorman has been around since 1922 and is one of the oldest car parts companies in the United States. Despite this longevity, many people are unaware that Dorman is actually made in China. This fact has caused some controversy, as it seems to contradict the company's claim to be an American icon. Some commentators argue that by making Dorman products in China, the company is contributing to America's trade deficit.Is Dorman Made in China?

Is Dorman Made in China? #

Dorman is a manufacturer of automotive replacement parts. The company has its headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky, and operates manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. Dorman is a publicly traded company and its stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

The question of whether or not Dorman products are made in China has been raised by some consumers. A search of the Dorman website does not provide a clear answer. Some products seem to be made in China, while others are made in other countries.

A spokesperson for Dorman told us that the company does have manufacturing facilities in China, but that it also has plants in other countries. He said that Dorman manufactures products both in China and in other countries "based on what makes the most sense from a cost and quality standpoint.

In conclusion, it is difficult to say definitively whether or not Dorman products are made in China. The company's website does not list the countries of origin for its products, and its customer service department was unable to provide this information. However, a number of online retailers do list Dorman products as being made in China. If you are concerned about where your products are made, it may be best to avoid Dorman products.


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