Is Eckrich Sausage Made in China?

Eckrich, a well-known German sausage company, recently announced that it would be making the switch to a Chinese supplier for some of its ingredients. The move has raised eyebrows due to China's questionable labor and environmental standards. Eckrich claims that it will still use American suppliers for other ingredients, but the switch raises questions about how closely the sausage is actually monitored. Is Eckrich really doing anything to ensure that its products are made in an ethical way?

Is Eckrich Sausage Made in China? #

The short answer to this question is yes, Eckrich sausage is made in China. However, it's important to note that not all Eckrich products are made in China. Some items, like bacon and ham, are still made in the United States.

Eckrich has been owned by Smithfield Foods since 2013, and Smithfield Foods has several factories in China. So it's not surprising that Eckrich would outsource some of its production to China. In fact, many food companies have started to do the same in order to take advantage of the lower labor costs in that country.

While some people may be concerned about the quality of food that's being made in China, Eckrich has assured consumers that its products are still being made to the same high standards.

In conclusion, Eckrich sausage is not made in China. However, the company does have a plant in China that produces sausages for the Chinese market. Eckrich has been producing sausage since 1894, and it is a family-owned company that is dedicated to providing quality products. If you are looking for a delicious and affordable sausage, Eckrich is a great option.


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