Is Fenton Made in China?

In light of recent reports that Fenton glass may contain lead and cadmium, some consumers are wondering if the glass is really made in China. The answer is yes, but not because of the Chinese manufacturing process. In fact, Fenton glass is made in China using the same traditional methods as every other glass manufacturer. However, some Chinese manufacturers may be using lower quality materials that could lead to contamination.

Is Fenton Made in China? #

The Fenton Art Glass company has been producing art glass since 1905. While the company is located in the United States, some may wonder if their products are made in China. Fenton does have a manufacturing facility in China, but all of their art glass is still made in the United States. The Chinese facility produces mostly glass beads and other small items.

In conclusion, it is still not clear if Fenton is made in China. However, the evidence suggests that at least some of the Fenton products are made there. If you are looking for a quality American-made product, then you may want to avoid Fenton. However, if you are looking for an affordable Chinese-made product, then Fenton may be a good option for you.

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