Is Fiestaware Made in China?

Fiestaware is a popular and iconic ceramicware company founded in 1908 by George D. Fiestaware. Over the years, many customers have asked if Fiestaware is made in China. The answer to this question is complicated because the company has outsourced production to various countries around the world. In 2006, Fiestaware ceased production of all items except for their dinnerware.

Is Fiestaware Made in China? #

Fiestaware is a popular brand of tableware that is known for its vibrant colors and unique designs. The company has been producing Fiestaware since the 1930s, and the dishes are now made in China. While some consumers may be hesitant to purchase Fiestaware because it is made in China, the quality of the tableware is still very good. In fact, many people prefer the newer pieces that are made in China because they are more durable than older models.

In conclusion, Fiestaware is not made in China. While the company has faced some controversy in the past for outsourcing to China, all of their products are now made in the United States. Fiestaware is a quality product that is made in America and is perfect for any occasion.


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