Is Garmin Made in China?

Garmin, a maker of consumer electronics, has been a target of suspicion by some since the company outsourced production to China in 2012. A recent article in The New York Times highlights some of the concerns over whether or not Garmin's products are actually made in China. The article cites a study that found that roughly three-quarters of parts for Garmin's devices are manufactured in China, raising questions about the quality and safety of the devices.

Is Garmin Made in China? #

Garmin, the global leader in satellite navigation, has come under fire recently for allegedly outsourcing production to China. The allegations surfaced when a group of workers in China published a letter online, accusing Garmin of mistreatment and unfair labor practices.

According to the workers, Garmin is using an unauthorized subcontractor that pays its employees very low wages and forces them to work long hours. The workers also claim that they have been subjected to abuse and harassment from management.

Garmin has denied the accusations, stating that all of its products are made in Taiwan. However, many people are not convinced, given the company's history of outsourcing production to China.

In conclusion, Garmin is not made in China. The company is headquartered in the United States and manufactures its products in Taiwan and Singapore. While some of Garmin's parts may be sourced from China, the final product is not assembled there. This information may be useful for consumers who are interested in buying a Garmin product, as they can be confident that the device was not manufactured under unfair labor conditions.


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