Is Helly Hansen Made in China?

Helly Hansen, a well-known brand of clothing and accessories, including rainwear and outerwear, is made in China. Some consumers are concerned that the manufacturing process in China may result in inferior products. Others argue that the cost savings from manufacturing in China are worth the potential risks. In this article, we explore the pros and cons of buying Helly Hansen products made in China.

Is Helly Hansen Made in China? #

Helly Hansen is a popular brand of outerwear and sportswear. It is a Norwegian company that was founded in 1877. The company's products are marketed globally and are sold in over 40 countries. Helly Hansen's corporate headquarters are in Oslo, Norway, but the company has manufacturing facilities all over the world, including China.

Some consumers have raised concerns about whether or not Helly Hansen products are made in China. Some people believe that because the company has manufacturing facilities in China, it must mean that their products are made there. However, this is not necessarily the case. While Helly Hansen does have some manufacturing facilities in China, they also have facilities in other countries, such as Vietnam and Mexico.

So, where does Helly Hansen make its products? The answer is that the company manufactures its products all over the world.

In conclusion, while there is some debate over where Helly Hansen's products are made, it seems that most of the company's products are made in China. This could be a cause for concern for some consumers, as Chinese-made products have been known to have lower quality standards than products made in other countries. However, Helly Hansen has a good reputation for quality, and many consumers may not be concerned about where their products are made.


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