Is Hyundai Made in China?

Hyundai is a South Korean automaker that has been around since 1967. However, many people are not aware that Hyundai is actually made in China. In fact, more than 50% of Hyundaiโ€™s production takes place in China. This has caused some controversy as some people believe that this is unfair competition for American automakers who have to compete with Chinese-made cars. However, Hyundai insists that their production in China is a good thing for both the company and the Chinese economy.

Is Hyundai Made in China? #

Is Hyundai Made in China?

Yes, a large number of Hyundai vehicles are made in China. In fact, the company has two factories in China. One is located in the city of Changzhou and produces vehicles for the Chinese market. The other is located in the city of Nantong and produces vehicles for export to other countries.

In conclusion, while Hyundai vehicles are assembled in China, the parts are not actually made in China. This means that Hyundai is not a "made in China" brand. Despite this, Chinese consumers still have a strong interest in the brand, and it is likely to continue to be popular in the country.


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