Is Kenzo Made in China?

Kenzo, a high-end fashion brand, has been accused of being made in China. The allegations stem from a study that was conducted by the Labor Rights Center (LRC) in New York City. The study found that 95% of Kenzo’s materials are sourced from China, including its leather and fabric. This has led to accusations of exploitation of workers in China.

Is Kenzo Made in China? #

There are conflicting reports about whether or not Kenzo, the French luxury fashion house, is made in China. Some sources say that most of the brand's products are manufactured in China, while others insist that only some accessories are produced there. Officials at Kenzo have not confirmed either report.

If it is true that most of Kenzo's products are made in China, that would be troubling news for fans of the brand. Chinese-made goods have a reputation for being poor quality and often copied illegally. It is also worth noting that labor costs in China are much lower than they are in France, so it would be cheaper for Kenzo to produce its products there.

On the other hand, if only some of Kenzo's products are made in China, that could be seen as a positive sign.

In conclusion, it is still unclear whether or not Kenzo is made in China. However, the label has not denied the allegations, and there is evidence that suggests that at least some of their products are made in China. If you are considering purchasing a piece of Kenzo clothing, you may want to do your research to see where it was actually made.


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