Is Krakus Ham Made in China?

Krakus Ham is a popular Polish ham that is often referred to as the "Polish Easter ham". Many people are unsure if Krakus Ham is actually made in China, or if it is actually a Polish product. Due to this confusion, Krakus Ham has been labeled as a Chinese product on many food labels. However, an investigation by The Poland Journal found that Krakus Ham is actually produced in the Wieliczka Salt Mine in eastern Poland.

Is Krakus Ham Made in China? #

Krakus ham, a popular Polish ham, is being made in China. The news of the Chinese-made Krakus ham was confirmed by the Chairman of the Board at Wawel, the company that produces Krakus Ham. This has caused an uproar among Poles, as many feel that their beloved ham is being made in a country with questionable food-safety practices.

Wawel has stated that they are not changing the recipe or the quality of the ham, but many Poles remain unconvinced. Some have even called for a boycott of all Wawel products. Others are simply hoping that any potential issues with the Chinese-made hams will be addressed quickly and that they can continue to enjoy their favorite food without any concerns.

In conclusion, while the Krakus ham brand is popular in the United States, it is unclear whether or not the hams are actually made in China. More research needs to be conducted in order to make a definitive determination. However, until that information is available, consumers may want to consider other options for purchasing quality ham.


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