Is Krups Made in China?

Krups is a brand that is well-known for its coffee and tea makers. Many people might not know that Krups also manufactures other kitchen appliances, such as toasters and blenders. Recently, there has been some controversy surrounding Krups because it is alleged that the company's products are made in China. Is Krups really manufactured in China? Or is this just a rumor? We will explore this question in more detail below.

Is Krups Made in China? #

Is Krups Made in China?

It is not uncommon these days for people to wonder where their products are made. Many times, it seems as though items are being made in other countries, and sometimes it is hard to tell where they are actually from. This can be especially true when it comes to electronics and appliances. So, is Krups made in China?

Krups is a German company that makes a wide range of coffee machines and other small appliances. However, the company does have a number of factories located in China. This has led some people to wonder if the company's products are really made in Germany or if they are just assembled there.

The truth is that Krups does have some factories located in China, but the majority of their production takes place in Germany.

In conclusion, it is not clear if Krups coffee machines are made in China. However, it is important to be aware of the possibility that they may be, in order to make an informed decision when purchasing one. If you are looking for a quality coffee machine that is likely made in the USA, consider a model from Behmor or Bonavita.


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