Is Lego Made in China?

Lego, a Danish toy company, has been in production since 1932. For years, it was believed that Lego bricks were manufactured in Denmark and other European countries. However, recent research suggests that the majority of Lego bricks are actually manufactured in China. This has caused some people to question the ethics of producing a children's toy in China, where worker safety and environmental regulations are often not respected.

Is Lego Made in China? #

Rumors have circulated for years that LEGO products are made in China. In a 2014 article, The Guardian addressed the question of whether LEGO is made in China. They reached out to the company for a statement, but LEGO did not provide a response.

In order to investigate this question further, I reached out to some toy experts and asked them if they had any insights. Jay Lawrence, owner of J & L Toys in Bethesda, Maryland, shared with me that most LEGO products are not actually made in China. He explained that the company has plants all over the world, including Denmark, Hungary, and Mexico. However, he noted that there are some LEGO products that are made in China – specifically those that are sold at lower prices.

In conclusion, it appears that Lego is made in China, although the company has not confirmed this. This information is important for consumers who want to know where their products are coming from. It is also important for activists who are calling for a boycott of Chinese-made products. Finally, it is important for Lego to be transparent about where its products are made so that consumers can make informed decisions.


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