Is Mr Potato Head Made in China?

The popular Mr. Potato Head toy is made in China, according to a new report. The U.S.-based Campaign for Safe Global Trade (CSGT) said in a report released this week that the toy's components are made in China and other countries that have low labor standards. The report urged companies to put an end to these practices and make sure their products are made with fair labor practices.

Is Mr Potato Head Made in China? #

Is Mr Potato Head Made in China?

The answer to that question is yes, Mr Potato Head is made in China. While it's not always easy to tell where a toy comes from, Mr Potato Head is one of the toys that clearly states on the packaging that it was made in China.

Many people might not be happy about this, given the current trade tensions between the US and China, but there's not much that can be done about it. Toys are often manufactured in countries other than where they are sold, and Mr Potato Head is no exception.

Despite the fact that he's made in China, Mr Potato Head is still a popular toy. He's been around for over 60 years and shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, he may even be more popular now than ever before.

In conclusion, it is still uncertain whether or not Mr. Potato Head is made in China. However, the evidence does seem to point in that direction. If you are concerned about where your toys are made, it may be best to avoid buying Mr. Potato Head. Alternatively, you could call Hasbro and ask them directly where the toy is made.


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