Is Mulberry Made in China?

Mulberry is a costly and luxury item that is often thought to be made in China. But is it really? A recent investigation by the Guardian found that most of the silk mulberry fabric being sold in high-end stores is actually made in Italy. Although Chinese factories may produce some components of the garment, such as buttons and zippers, the bulk of the work is done in Italy. This revelation has raised questions about the true origins of this iconic fashion brand.

Is Mulberry Made in China? #

Mulberry bags are a luxurious addition to any woman's wardrobe, but some customers may be wondering if the bags are made in China. Mulberry has responded to customer concerns on their website, stating that all of their bags are designed in the United Kingdom and manufactured in Europe. The company also ensures that all of their suppliers meet high ethical standards. So, customers can shop for Mulberry bags with confidence, knowing that they are supporting a sustainable business.

In conclusion, mulberry is not exclusively made in China. However, the majority of mulberry products are made in China. There are mulberry products that are made in other countries, but they are not as readily available. If you are looking for a mulberry product that is not made in China, you may have to do some research to find it.


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