Is Nokia TV Made in China?

Nokia has been making televisions for years now, but many people might not know that the company's latest offering is actually made in China. The company has been making a range of small, budget-friendly TVs that are available in different colors and styles. While some people might be okay with this, others feel that Nokia should be more ethical about where its products are made.

Is Nokia TV Made in China? #

Nokia's foray into the TV market has been met with mixed reactions. While some reviewers have praised the quality of the TVs, others have raised questions about where they are made. Specifically, there is some concern that Nokia TVs are made in China, which could present a number of problems for consumers. For example, many people worry about the quality of Chinese-made products and whether they meet safety standards. Additionally, there is a concern that by manufacturing in China, Nokia may be contributing to the country's high levels of pollution.

In conclusion, Nokia TV is not made in China. The television set is manufactured in Finland. However, there are some components that are sourced from China. This includes the LED backlight and the remote control. As a result, Nokia TV is not completely Made in Finland. Nevertheless, the television set is still produced in an environmentally friendly way.


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