Is Norwex Made in China?

Norwex is a popular brand of cleaning supplies that are said to be environmentally friendly. But some people are concerned about where Norwex products are actually made.

Some of Norwex's products, such as their microfiber cloths and dust mops, are manufactured in China. But Norwex's flagship product, the vacuum cleaner bag, is made in the United States.

Is Norwex Made in China? #

Norwex is a company that sells green cleaning products. Some people are wondering if the company's products are made in China. Norwex has not commented on where their products are made. However, some of the ingredients in their products are sourced from China. It is possible that some or all of their products are made in China.

In conclusion, there is some debate over whether or not Norwex is made in China. Some sources say that the company manufactures their products in China, while others claim that they only have a distribution center there. However, Norwex has yet to provide a definitive answer on the matter. If you're considering purchasing this product, it's important to do your research and make sure you're getting the best quality possible.


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