Is Outdoor Voices Made in China?

If you are worried about sourcing your gear, you may be tempted to purchase apparel from Chinese manufacturers. But you might be wondering if the company supports equality or works with a partner that exploits labor conditions. The company, which has been manufacturing clothing in China since 2004, has made some important changes to their manufacturing process. In this article, we will discuss how the company produces its products in the United States, China, and Vietnam.

Outdoor Voices supports equality #

It is no surprise that many of today's outdoor brands are embracing the movement to promote equality. Outdoor voices is one such brand that has developed a core competency: universal inclusivity. Their campaigns feature models of all races, sex, sizes, and physical abilities. These models are not used in one campaign or another - they are featured on a variety of products. And the company's approach doesn't end there. The company donates 100% of its profits to various causes, from climate change to animal welfare.

It manufactures clothing in the US, China, and Vietnam #

The company is dedicated to making sustainable products and promoting circularity. They strive to create durable items that last for years. Their sustainable production practices include using recycled polyester and responsibly sourced wool. In addition, they work to improve the lives of the people who make their products by promoting fair labor practices and fair wages. Furthermore, they manufacture their clothing in the US, China, and Vietnam. To make their products even more sustainable, Outdoor Voices partners with environmentally conscious organizations.

It collaborates with Teva #

The direct-to-consumer sportswear brand Outdoor Voices has teamed up with the footwear company Teva, a division of Decker Brands. The collaboration will feature the Hurricane XLT2 sandal, a popular style for hiking and water sports. Teva was born in the water, so it is no surprise that the brand's founder is passionate about water. Anders Bergstrom, managing director of Teva, said, "Teva was born out of water."

It manufactures with Chunks #

You can get discounts when you use Giving Assistant to purchase clothes from Outdoor Voices. The brand offers a wide variety of options for clothing, including sports apparel and accessories. You can also save on clothing by purchasing hats and water bottles from the brand. To save even more, you can also use Giving Assistant to find coupons for Outdoor Voices. This company is committed to sustainability, and its mission is to make the world a better place by creating comfortable apparel for active people.

It competes with Lululemon #

If you're an avid yogi or a fan of healthy living, you've probably wondered how Outdoor Voices compares to Lululemon. Though both companies sell mostly online, they have different approaches to their target markets. Both brands promote active living and encourage consumers to use their products for their intended purposes. Lululemon has been around longer than Outdoor Voices, so it's important to understand what sets it apart.


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