Is Pedigree Dog Food Made in China?

People have been fooled into thinking that pedigree dog food is made in China, when in fact the majority of the ingredients are imported. There are a few companies that make their own pedigree dog food in China, but that's because they can get a lower price for their products by doing so. In the end, it's not really worth it to buy Chinese-made pedigree dog food, because there are better options available at a much lower price.

Is Pedigree Dog Food Made in China? #

Pedigree dog food is a popular choice for pet owners, but is the food actually made in China? A quick internet search reveals that some Pedigree dog foods are in fact made in China. However, other Pedigree dog foods are not listed as being made in China on the company website.

So what's the truth? Are all Pedigree dog foods made in China, or not? The answer is not clear cut. Some Pedigree dog foods are definitely made in China, while others may or may not be. Pet owners should carefully read the labels of any Pedigree dog food they're considering buying to make sure they're getting the product they expect.

In conclusion, Pedigree dog food is not made in China. However, there are some Pedigree products that are made in China. It is important to read the labels on the products to know where they are made. Always choose foods that are made in the United States or other Western countries whenever possible.


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