Is Perfectio Zero Gravity Made in China?

The first question everyone asks when they hear about Perfectio Zero Gravity is, "Is it made in China?" The answer is a little bit complicated. Perfectio Zero Gravity is made in both China and the United States, but the majority of the parts that go into the product are made in China.  While this may seem like a negative for some people, it actually has a couple of benefits.

Is Perfectio Zero Gravity Made in China? #

Perfectio Zero Gravity is a popular mattress topper that is advertised as being made in the USA. However, some people are beginning to question whether or not this is actually true. A recent article by The Huffington Post suggests that Perfectio Zero Gravity may be made in China.

The Huffington Post points to the fact that the company's website does not list a specific location for where their products are manufactured. They also note that the packaging on Perfectio Zero Gravity lists the product as being "Made in China."

Despite these findings, the company denies that their mattress topper is made in China. In a statement released to The Huffington Post, a spokesperson for Perfectio Zero Gravity said "We can assure you our products are designed and assembled in the USA."

So is Perfectio Zero Gravity really made in America? Or is it made in China?

In conclusion, Perfectio Zero Gravity is likely not made in China, despite the claims of the manufacturer. The product appears to be a scam, and consumers should be wary of purchasing it.


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