Is Progresso Soup Made in China?

Progresso Soup is a popular soup that is sold in grocery stores across the United States. The soup has been on the market for over 60 years and is made in China. Progresso denies that their soup is made in China, but several investigations have revealed that the soup is manufactured in China.

Is Progresso Soup Made in China? #

There have been rumors that Progresso Soup is made in China.  Some people believe this because the ingredients listed on the back of the soup cans are not all from the United States.  For example, one of the ingredients is listed as “modified corn starch,” which could be sourced from China.  However, a company spokesperson has stated that all of the soup is made in the United States . The spokesperson also said that the modified corn starch is used as a thickener and that it is not sourced from China.

In conclusion, a search for "Progresso Soup Made in China" shows that some cans of Progresso soup may be made in China. However, the Progresso website does not list any country of origin for their soup. It is unclear whether all cans of Progresso soup are made in China, or if only some are. Until more information is available, it is best to purchase other brands of soup.


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