Is Quilted Northern Toilet Paper Made in China?

There is a lot of confusion about where toilet paper is made these days. Quilted Northern Toilet Paper claims to be made in the USA, but a closer look at their website reveals that they are actually manufactured in China. This has some people questioning the quality of this product, and whether or not it's really worth spending money on.

Is Quilted Northern Toilet Paper Made in China? #

Yes, it is true that Quilted Northern toilet paper is made in China. This is something that the company does not advertise, but it is an important piece of information for consumers to know. The reason that Quilted Northern makes its toilet paper in China is because the cost of production is much lower there than it is in the United States. This means that the company can save money on materials and labor, which allows it to sell its products at a lower price. While some people may be hesitant to buy toilet paper that is made in China, there is no reason to be concerned. The quality of Quilted Northern's products is just as good as any other brand of toilet paper on the market.

In conclusion, while it is difficult to say for certain whether or not Quilted Northern toilet paper is made in China, the evidence seems to suggest that this may be the case. If you are looking for an American-made toilet paper, you may want to consider other brands.


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