Is Riton Optics Made in China?

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a lens or other optical product. Origin of the product, materials used, and production facility are important considerations. In this article, we'll explore the origin, materials, and production facility of each of these factors. We'll also discuss warranties and how they may affect your purchase. This article will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. We hope it's useful to you!

Origin #

The company is based in Tucson, Arizona and is a leader in optics for outdoor activities. Although the name, "Riton," means brighten without the b, remains the same, today Riton's product line has been completely revamped for the year 2020. Among the new products in the Primal Series are hunting optics and binoculars. All are second focal plane and offer a wide range of magnification.

Materials #

The proprietary multi-coated lenses of Riton optics offer low-light enhancement and full-band performance, which enhances light transmission and overall lens performance. Their rugged construction is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, CNC machined one-piece tubes, and Type III Hard Coat Anodize. Riton optics have an extremely long shelf-life and a lifetime guarantee. The company's mission is to make optics that deliver performance for everyday life.

Production facility #

The Arizona-based company, Riton Optics, specializes in red dots and rifle scopes. The company recently moved to a 10,000 square foot production facility with room to grow. The new facility includes a front lobby with engaging features, a media studio, and significant floorspace for quality control and operations. Riton Optics began selling optics in backpacks as far back as 2013, and they are now more competitively priced and offer better value than ever before.

Warranty #

The Riton Optics warranty is a unique way to protect your investment. Like many manufacturers of optical equipment, Riton stands by its optics and is confident in their quality. However, unavoidable problems may occur, and Riton understands that this is inevitable and offers the Unlimited Lifetime Warranty. This warranty is unique amongst the industry, since it does not cover the repair or replacement of the damaged optic with a refurbished one. Instead, when you return your defective product under the warranty, you will be provided with a new, off-the-shelf item. You will receive your replacement product in 48 hours, and there is no minimum amount of time to return your item.

Price #

If you are looking for a reliable optics brand, then you should consider Riton. The company is located in Tucson, Arizona. Its products are mostly tactical in nature, such as binoculars and riflescopes. However, there are more uses for these products than what meets the eye. Here, we'll discuss why you should consider purchasing Riton products. The company is backed by the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud.


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