Is Seresto Made in China?

Seresto is one of the most popular brands of flea and tick products on the market. However, some consumers are concerned that Seresto may be made in China. Some have even gone so far as to stop using the product because of this concern. Is Seresto really made in China? The answer is yes, but there are some steps the company takes to make sure that the products are not made in sweatshops.

Is Seresto Made in China? #

There is some concern over whether or not Seresto, a flea and tick prevention collar, is made in China. Bayer, the company that makes Seresto, has not released a statement on the matter. However, some customers have taken to online forums to express their concerns.

One customer said that they purchased a Seresto collar in the United States, but the packaging indicated that it was made in China. They were concerned about the quality of the product and whether or not it would be effective.

Another customer said that they purchased a Seresto collar from a Canadian retailer and noticed that the packaging said "Made in China." They were worried about potential health hazards associated with Chinese-made products.

So far, there have been no reports of any problems with Seresto collars made in China.

In conclusion, it appears that Seresto may be made in China. While the company has not confirmed this, the evidence seems to suggest it. If you are uncomfortable using a product that may be made in a country with questionable labor practices, you may want to consider another flea and tick control option.


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