Is Spode Blue Italian Made in China?

Spode Blue is a popular porcelain type created by the English potter Josiah Spode in the early 1800s. Spode Blue is made up of kaolin, which is a clay mineral, and blue pigment. Some believe that Spode Blue was first manufactured in China due to the high production quantity and lower cost of the material.

Is Spode Blue Italian Made in China? #

The iconic British pottery company, Spode, has been producing its famous Blue Italian pattern since 1816. However, recent reports have surfaced that suggest the pottery is now being made in China.

Spode has not confirmed or denied these reports, but if they are true, it would be a major blow to the company. Blue Italian is one of Spode's most popular patterns and is considered a classic dishware design.

If the pottery is being produced in China, it is likely that the quality will not be as good as it was under British ownership. This could cause many customers to switch to other brands.

The news of Spode's possible move to China has already caused some concern among fans of the brand. Many people are worried that the quality of the pottery will suffer and that jobs will be lost in the UK.

In conclusion, while there is some speculation that Spode Blue Italian may be made in China, there is no definitive proof. However, given the current state of the economy, it is plausible that outsourcing may have occurred. If you are concerned about the authenticity of your Spode Blue Italian, we recommend contacting Spode directly to inquire about their manufacturing process.


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