Is Stanley Rogers Cutlery Made in China?

Stanley Rogers Cutlery is a brand that is well-known for its high-quality, American-made knives. Many consumers may be surprised to learn that Stanley Rogers Cutlery is actually manufactured in China. This has created some controversy among knife enthusiasts, as some feel that Chinese manufacturing lowers the quality of the products. Others argue that since Stanley Rogers Cutlery is not a small company, it is necessary for them to manufacture their products overseas in order to keep prices low.

Is Stanley Rogers Cutlery Made in China? #

Stanley Rogers Cutlery is a household name in Australia and many people are wondering if the cutlery is made in China. Some online sleuthing reveals that at least some of the Stanley Rogers range is made in China. However, it's not clear how much of the range is made there or what other countries the cutlery is sourced from.

The company has a number of different brands, including its namesake Stanley Rogers, as well as Chefs Design, MasterClass and Artistry. A search for 'Made In China' on the Stanley Rogers website turns up no results, but a search for 'Produced In China' reveals that some of the MasterClass cutlery is made there.

It's not surprising that some Stanley Rogers cutlery is made in China – after all, it's a low-cost country with a large workforce.

In conclusion, Stanley Rogers Cutlery is not made in China. The knives are manufactured in Taiwan and the company is headquartered in Australia. Although the knives are not made in China, they are still a great option for those looking for a quality knife set.


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