Is Swisse Made in China?

Swisse is a well-known health food company with products sold in over 50 countries. But is Swisse made in China? The answer is yes, but not in the way you might think.

Swisse has a manufacturing plant in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, China. However, only about 10% of the products sold by Swisse are made there. The company's other plants produce products for the Chinese market and for export to other Asian countries.

Is Swisse Made in China? #

Swisse is a popular health supplement company that many people believe to be Australian-made. However, a recent article by The Age has revealed that Swisse may not be made in Australia after all – it could be made in China.

The article discusses how an employee of Swisse’s Shanghai factory has come forward with information that the company’s supplements are actually being produced in China. This revelation has caused some concern among consumers, who are now questioning whether they can trust the Swisse brand.

So far, Swisse has declined to comment on the allegations. However, the company is expected to release a statement soon addressing where its supplements are really made. In the meantime, consumers are advised to do their own research before buying any of Swisse’s products.

In conclusion, it is difficult to say whether or not Swisse is made in China. The company's website does not list the country of origin for any of its products, and it has not responded to requests for clarification. However, given the evidence that is available, it seems likely that at least some Swisse products are made in China. This means that consumers should be careful when purchasing these products, as they may not meet the same high standards as products from other brands.


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